At Soho Embroidery we provide a local machine embroidery service with face to face friendly customer service. Whether you require a simple monogram to personalize a gift, creating embroidery art or need a logo embroidered onto a small batch of garments, we can work together with you to achieve your personal embroidery needs.

Each client that comes into our workroom has an individual and unique project for us, the beauty of our bespoke service here at Soho Embroidery is that we can tailor how we complete the work, adapting and customizing to suit the requirements of each design. The way we work and the equipment we have is perfect for smaller quantities or larger batches when you need individual personalization.


Embroidered monograms are a unique and beautiful way to personalize a fabric item. You will need to bring your item or garments into our Soho workrooms bringing the item with you, to be prepared we will need the following information, preferably via email before the items are dropped at the workrooms:

  • The Font Style (Click here to see our font options)
  • The thread colour
  • The size
  • The letters to be stitched out
  • The placement of the monogram

We can also receive work via post along with specifications and contact details. Take a look at our pre-programmed Embroidered Font Styles to prepare you before you come in.

Imagery and Designs

At Soho Embroidery we use computerized embroidery machines that are digitally programmed. Logos, photos, illustrations and drawings can all be realized through embroidery. We take your design and process it through digitizing software to transform it from an image into an embroidery stitch file. As this is a digital process you will need to send us a high-resolution image, along with any specific visual artwork instructions.

If you have an idea that you would like to discuss first please use our contact page to get in touch.


As our services are bespoke and tailored to your individual design our prices vary too. Each embroidery will be priced on a number of variables including size, complexity, thread choice and application. When making an enquiry include as many details as possible to get a more accurate quote.

Turnaround Times

Embroidery collection will be different for each project, depending on the quantity and content of work involved in your project and what we already have booked in. To avoid disappointment we would recommend to email your request to us first so that we can confirm details and book the machine slot.

Please note we do not offer a same day embroidery service. Express service will not be available if the machine is already booked.