We can provide you with inspiration to connect more personally to your clients by taking your customer service that extra mile.

What can we offer you as a high street retailer?

  • Personalizing your garments and accessories. This gives your customers more ownership of a product and makes gifts more special. This service could range from shirts to jackets or pocket squares to scarves. Also an up-sell that will leave an impression.
  • Personalizing packaging – Your packaging could be branded or personalised for a client, for example dust bags, cloth gift bags or even suit covers. We can also embroidered onto fabric or ribbon to ‘finish off’ the packaging. This could work for those customers not 100% sure of their gift choice yet still making it personal.
  • Personalizing for PR and events – this is a great way to reward RSVP clients or leave an impression for gifting. This could be directly onto a gifted item or onto an item accompanying the brand gift.

Whether you’d like embroidery as a seasonal up-sell or as a new feature for your customer service we can collaborate to produce a concept unique for your brand.

We can work together, using our expertise to advise on what will work best and most effectively for your products, creating sample packs to display for your customers also making it easier for your staff by limiting and refining the choices for your customer.

Soho Embroidery Sample Pack Examplesoho embroidery sample pack

Shirt Monogram Positions

Soho Embroidery Shirt Monogram Positions