PR & Marketing

We can provide you with inspiration to connect more personally with your clients by taking your customer service that extra mile.

What can we offer for the PR and Marketing industries?

  • Press Gifting – Reward RSVP clients or leave an impression for gifting when you host events. This could be directly onto a gifted item or onto an item accompanying the brand gift.
  • Personalizing packaging – Brand packaging can be personalized for a client, examples include dust bags, cloth gift bags or even on suit covers.
  • Personalizing for events – personalize linens or decorations, for example name tags and napkins. This could double up so guests or customers can take the items away as a gift memento, adding value to the event exposure.
  • Photo-shoot – embroidering in the details to a photo session. An interesting way to encourage social media networking. We can stitch out images and lettering onto all sorts of fabrics.

Whether you’d like embroidery as a feature for events or as a new addition as part of your gifting service we can collaborate to produce a concept unique for your portfolio.

We can work together, using our embroidery expertise to advise on what will work best and most effectively for your project.