Embroidery Enquiry

Email enquiries will be required to confirm the viability of your order. Quotes cannot be given until the design and order details have been assessed.

To help understand your request you will need to provide the following information in your enquiry:

  • Content of the embroidery – indicate the letters/words/initials to be embroidered or attatch your design artwork (PNG / JPEG / PDF only) 
  • Item(s) to be embroidered  – attach a website link or photos of the item(s)
  • Fabric details – the fabric characteristics are as important as the item type
  • The placement of the embroidery – attach an example image, doodle or spec image for clarification 
  • Final size of the embroidery
  • The thread colour – (specify Pantone / HEX / RGB # if you need to look into thread colour matching)
  • Quantity 
  • Deadline 

You may copy and paste the list into your reply. Priority will be given to orders providing thorough details.

The details requested will help form a more accurate quote and turnaround. Each project is allocated the time needed to give the reputed high standard service Soho Embroidery delivers, this is reflected in the turnaround times. There are no express* services offered. Phone enquiries can be made to check availability.


0207 437 8897

*Turnaround times will be assessed looking at both the order details and bookings at the time of enquiry.