Specializing in one-off and small quantities, focusing on a high-quality finish.

Soho Embroidery’s small central London set-up means you get a more personalized service . Embellishing onto your own items creating sewn lettering, logos or a design.

Whether you require a monogram to personalise a gift, a logo embroidering for your boutique brand, a capsule batch of garments customized, or creating embroidery art, we can work together to achieve your personal embroidery needs.

Initials and Monograms

Logos and Designs

Embroidery Art

Sister Company To DMButtons & Buttonholes

Soho Embroidery shares the workroom at DMButtons & Buttonholes in Soho. DMButtons has provided an industry renown service since the early 1900’s, with embroidery services added in 2015.

Embroidery Cost

As each order is unique, the embroidery is priced accordingly. Embroidery costs vary project to project. The fabric, item, threads, quantity and what needs to be rendered are all taken into account.

When requesting a quote include as many details as possible.

Gallery Portfolio

Published images of embroidery carried out at Soho Embroidery are available on Instagram : soho.embroidery

Get In Touch To See How We Can Help

Embroidery services are by appointment only. Contact via email or phone to see how and when we could accommodate your order. No express* services are available.

* Turnaround times will be assessed by looking at both the order details and bookings at the time of enquiry.