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Providing bespoke machine embroidery in Soho, the creative heart of London’s West End.

Due to recent events we are still running a reduced service. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help.

*NOTE* Soho Embroidery face-mask embroidery disclaimer
By embroidering onto and through a face mask the surface quality will be altered – this will change the properties therefore unlikely to meet protective wear standards. Embroidery can also be abrasive on the inside against the skin. If embroidery is carried out by Soho Embroidery onto any protective wear, as we have advised on the reduction in safety standards, we cannot be held responsible for any injury/reaction/transmission incurred.  


Soho Embroidery offers a friendly face-to-face embroidery service. Working with one-off pieces or small batches, against the grain of mass production, creating treasures of custom-made embroidery and works of art

Whether you require a simple monogram to personalise a gift,  need a logo embroidering for your boutique brand, a capsule batch of garments, or creating embroidery art, we can work together with you to achieve your personal embroidery needs.

Each client that uses our services has an individual and unique project, the beauty of our bespoke service here at Soho Embroidery is that we can tailor how we complete the work, adapting and customising to suit the requirements of each design.

We have a small-scale set-up in the Soho workroom, therefore, can offer embroidery on smaller quantity batches, and bespoke – including single units. We specialise in quantities under 25 units, although we can potentially take more units or larger scale personalisation jobs.

Our set-up and equipment are perfect for smaller quantities or personalisation.